Muayyad M. Ahmad

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OBJECTIVES In this cross-sectional study, stress, coping, social support, and health were compared in 86 primary caregiver grandmothers, 85 partial/supplemental caregiver grandmothers in multigenerational homes, and 112 noncaregiver grandmothers. Whether support and coping reduced effects of stress on the physical and mental health of grandmother(More)
The purposes of this study were to explore patients' opinions of nursing care and to identify predictors of patients' experiences of nursing care in medical-surgical wards. The sample of the study was 225 adult patients in medical-surgical wards in a major teaching hospital in Jordan. The experiences of nursing care total score in this study was relatively(More)
End-stage renal disease (ESRD) is an irreversible and life-threatening condition. In Jordan, the number of ESRD patients treated with hemodialysis is on the rise. Identifying stressors and coping strategies used by patients with ESRD may help nurses and health care providers to gain a clearer understanding of the condition of these patients and thus(More)
BACKGROUND Social support is a key nursing variable. No review has yet systematically assessed the effectiveness of the personal resource questionnaire (PRQ) as a measure of perceived social support. PURPOSE This article reviewed nine previous studies that used the PRQ (Brandt & Weinert, 1981). METHODS Completed studies were identified through searches(More)
BACKGROUND A growing body of research has sought to examine issues associated with the Quality of Life (QoL) of parents of children with Autistic Disorder. However, no studies have examined the QoL of Arab parents whose parenting experience is expected to be substantially different from that of their western counterparts. Therefore, the purposes of this(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to measure the prevalence of Internet addiction (IA) and its association with psychological distress and coping strategies among university students in Jordan. DESIGN AND METHODS A descriptive, cross-sectional, correlational design was used with a random sample of 587 university students in Jordan. The Perceived(More)
The World Health Organization's Quality of Life Questionnaire-BREF (WHOQOL-BREF) has been used in many studies that target parents of children with Autistic Disorder. However, the measure has yet to be validated and adapted to this sample group whose daily experiences are considered substantially different from those of parents of children with typical(More)
AIM This paper reports a study that investigated the experiences of a group of critical care Jordanian nurses concerning verbal communication with critically ill patients. BACKGROUND There is evidence that communication in critical care settings is not sufficiently implemented in practice. Inadequate nurse-patient communication results in increased levels(More)
AIM This study was designed to investigate the psychometric properties of the Cognitive Appraisal of Health Scale, specifically with prostate cancer patients. BACKGROUND Measurement of appraisal is considered a relatively new area in the health studies literature. Cognitive appraisal of potentially stressful events becomes important when individuals face(More)
BACKGROUND There is a gap in the literature regarding learning outcomes linked to the use of high-fidelity simulators compared to that of traditional teaching methods. AIM To examine the effect of using high-fidelity simulators on knowledge and skills acquisition and retention with university students. METHODS A randomized two-arm trial using two(More)