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Scientific Study of Sociological Problem: Solve the Begging & Poverty Problem in Iraq
This  Case  study to Solve  social  problem  like  The  begging  in  street and  poverty  problem  for  small cities., This study investigated the prevalence and consequences of street begging amongExpand
Review on Sects and Religions in History of Iraq
Every tribe in Iraq has (Sunnis ,Sheia , the Yazidis, Turkmen, Armen,…) in its ranks. Every town and city have a mix of communities. My experience of Iraq, and that of all friends and relatives, isExpand
Review on Religious Extremism in Islamic History (Previously and Contemporary)
Level religious extremism is presenting a hotly discussed topic; it is often concentrated to a uni -dimensional build which is linked to devout violence. We contend that the contemporary apply of theExpand