Muammer Ermis

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In this paper, a fully digital controller based on multiple digital signal processor (DSP) and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) boards has been proposed for parallel-operated cascaded multilevel converters (CMC) used in flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) applications. The proposed system is composed of a DSP-based master controller in combination(More)
The variable-frequency operation of the coreless induction melting furnace (IMF) has been investigated in detail both theoretically and experimentally. The time variations of the operational impedance value of the IMF, owing to the time-varying resonance frequency and crucible conditions, have been derived for typical melting cycles by using a variable(More)
In this paper, a data stream architecture is presented for electrical power quality (PQ) which is called PQStream. PQStream is developed to process and manage time-evolving data coming from the country-wide mobile measurements of electrical PQ parameters of the Turkish Electricity Transmission System. It is a full-fledged system with a data measurement(More)
In this paper, a new flicker contribution tracing method has been proposed to determine the individual flicker contributions of multiple-electric-arc-furnace (EAF) loads to the flicker measured at the point of common coupling (PCC). The proposed method decouples the flicker contribution of the interconnected electricity system from the individual(More)
In this paper, the coreless medium-frequency induction melting furnace (IMF) system is represented by alternative field-data-based models, developed specifically for power quality studies. The IMF operation has been represented by a variable series RL circuit, to model the fundamental components of electrical quantities, and a shunt-connected current(More)
In this paper, the transient overvoltage suppression capability and harmonic filtering performance of C-type 2nd harmonic filters (HFs) are optimized by using two-stage damping resistors; one is permanently connected to the filter circuit, while the other one is switched on by back-to-back connected thyristors during furnace transformer and HF energization(More)
A new electric arc furnace (EAF)-specific model based on field measurements of instantaneous furnace voltages and currents has been proposed. This model presents the dynamic behavior of the EAF system, including all parts, i.e., the EAF transformer, the secondary circuit, the electrode movements, and the arc. It consists of a cascade connected(More)