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Marie Unna hereditary hypotrichosis (MUHH) is an autosomal dominant form of isolated alopecia. The disorder is characterized by the absence or scarcity of scalp hair, eyebrows and eyelashes at birth. Coarse wiry hair begins to grow during childhood, but this is followed by progressive hair loss, which usually begins around puberty. A recent study identified(More)
Hypotrichosis is a rare form of progressive hair loss characterized by sparse and occasionally woolly hair that is curly and breaks easily. Disease-causing mutations in LIPH, LPAR6 and KRT74 have recently been identified. We describe a four-generation pedigree from Turkey following an autosomal recessive pattern, in which the four affected members had(More)
BACKGROUND Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting skin, nails, and joints. Although there are not many reports in the literature, ocular findings occur in approximately 10% of patients, in mostly those who have psoriatic arthritis. In this study, we aimed to evaluate eye involvement in psoriasis patients. METHODS This study was performed on(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess cochlear involvement and hearing loss in patients with Behçet's disease (BD). METHOD Forty-two patients with BD and 24 sex and age matched healthy subjects were included in the study. pure-tone audiometry including high frequencies (250-16000Hz) and DPOAE were performed to all participants. Results of the audiological evaluation were(More)
Psoriasis is a common inflammatory disease that has a severe impact on quality of life. There is lack of data regarding epidemiological and clinical features of psoriasis patients in Turkey, a country with a population of 76 million. The aim of this study was to define the demographic and clinical characteristics, quality of life and treatment patterns of(More)
Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune, and inflammatory disease of unknown etiology, characterized by T lymphocyte mediated keratinocyte proliferation. In recent years the relationship between psoriasis and adipose tissue cytokines has been reported. Psoriasis as a triggering factor for the immune and metabolic disorders can be associated with diabetes(More)
Lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis is caused by Sporothrix schenckii, a dimorphic fungus commonly existing on decaying plants and in the soil. The fungus has a worldwide distribution but is more prevalent in temperate and tropical climates. Infection may result from traumatic inoculation of contaminated material such as soil, hay, moss, plant debris, splinters,(More)
We herein report an 11-year-old girl who came to our clinic with a swelling on the genital area of 2 months duration. Dermatological examination of the patient was performed and a pigmented lesion was found on the inner surface of the labium majus of the mucosa. The lesion was well circumscribed and approximately 1 cm in diameter, with homogenous color(More)