Mu Yeol Kim

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OBJECTIVES To report experience with transverse sacral fracture, an uncommon injury frequently associated with neurologic deficit, and to perform a meta-analysis of the literature in order to define the role of decompression for the management of sacral fractures. DESIGN A review of 7 cases. SETTING A university-affiliated tertiary care centre. (More)
We prospectively studied the use of intercostal EMG monitoring as an indicator of the accuracy of the placement of pedicle screws in the thoracic spine. We investigated 95 thoracic pedicles in 17 patients. Before insertion of the screw, the surgeon recorded his assessment of the integrity of the pedicle track. We then stimulated the track using a K-wire(More)
The proper identification of illicit plants such as Papaver somniferum L (opium poppy) is important for law enforcement agencies. The identification of opium poppy was presently tested using 10 genetic markers that are universal for all plants or specific to a few poppy plants. The genetic distances of universal markers such as nuclear internal transcribed(More)
The aim of this study was to elucidate the therapeutic decision process of angiosarcoma of the scalp and face including treatment modalities, tumor size, tumor grade, and resection margins. In a PubMed search, 170 abstracts were read and 32 full text articles were reviewed. Among them, 19 articles were analyzed. Overall, survival did not differ(More)
OBJECT The 11th rib extrapleural-retroperitoneal approach offers an alternative means for access to the thoracolumbar junction. It provides excellent operative exposure without the need to transgress the diaphragm, resulting in less morbidity and reduced risk of pulmonary complications. This approach, however, has been dismissed by many surgeons offering(More)
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