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In the real world it is very difficult to implement real-time models in uncontrolled distributed environments and to support well-defined interfaces from real-time systems to external systems. An ongoing project for ubiquitous computing environments, u-GIS based Informative Construction Technology Innovation project needs a system to handle and control(More)
Positioning technology is a core component of the ubiquitous computing environment. Radio Frequency IDentificaiton (RFID) is recognized as a powerful means of replacing not only barcodes for product identification but also conventional positioning systems in unfavorable situations such as indoor and obstacle laden sites. The objective of this study was to(More)
This paper proposes a simulator for veterinary education based on augmented reality. We selected an intravenous injection procedure for the simulation because the injection procedure is the most frequently used procedure during veterinary training and the most difficult stage for beginning veterinary students. The proposed AR simulator provides with a(More)
Because it is a very repetitive and monotonous work and needs lots of construction equipment, the earth work operation for site development is a good field to apply automation technology. This study has analyzed input condition which has carried out in actual earth work. It has deduced simulation which would help to decide ideal combination of earthwork(More)
This research is conducted to develop the qualified data analysis system for predicting the behavior and failure of tunnel slope. The data from real-time monitoring system by CDMA communication is used to analyze the slope behavior. Tunnel slope shows different styles of behavior, because it is affected directly by temperature, rainfall and other weathering(More)