Mu-Liang Wang

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Due to the rapid development of Internet, digital multimedia data are frequently transported on the Internet. Hence, how to protect important data from being stolen or modified has become an important issue. Digital watermarking can protect digital rights by embedding owner watermarks into the digital data, so the owner can declaim his ownership and(More)
Multimedia contents can easily be replicated and spread in the Internet. for the verification of copyright of digital audio, digital watermark may be embedded in the audio. Compared with traditional watermarking technologies, zero-watermarking technology does not result in quality degradation, and thus can avoid the conflict between imperceptibility and(More)
In this paper, we propose a new watermarking scheme which combines both the digital holography and the digital watermarking techniques. The watermark is transformed into a digital phase-shifting hologram based on the Mach–Zehnder interferometer architecture and then is embedded into the specific subbands in the wavelet transform of the host image.(More)
Most of optical security systems have a fixed lock and multiple keys to validate whether special users are legal or illegal. but those systems will be failed under the situation when the right keys are stolen by illegal users. This problem can be solved by providing multiple locks for the different users who want to access the optical security system.(More)
New generation mobile communication transfers multiple contents, thus, codec no longer processes specific audio signal content (speech or music) only, but has to process mixed audio signal content. As different audio signal types have different characteristics, they have to be processed by using proper coding core. Hybrid audio coder architecture can be(More)
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