Mu-Jin Tang

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The vip3 A gene in a size of 2.3 kb amplified from wild-type Bacillus thuringiensis strain S184 by PCR was cloned into pGEM-T Easy vector and its sequence was analysized by DNASTAR. The plasmid pOTP was constructed by inserting vip3A-S184 gene into the expression vector pQE30 and then was transformed into E. coli M15. E. coli M15 cells harbouring the(More)
The Cry1Ab differs most significantly from the other related ICPs by its absence of a carboxyl terminus of 28 amino acids including four cysteines; consequently it is less stable. We report that the helper protein P20 plays a role in the expression and crystallization of Cry1Ab. Three Cry1Ab expression plasmids pT1B, pP1B, and pDP1B, were constructed based(More)
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