Mu-Jang Lee

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The effects of shikonin on gastric cancer cells were investigated in this study. Exposure to shikonin reduced the viability of gastric cancer cells in a time- and dose-dependent manner. However, apoptosis was not observed in gastric cancer cell treatment with different concentrations of shikonin for 6h. By contrast, treatment with shikonin for 24h(More)
Ocimum gratissimum (OG) is widely used as a traditional herb for its antibacterial activity in Taiwan. Recently, antitumor effect of OG on breast cancer cell is also reported; however, the effects of OG on human pulmonary adenocarcinoma cell A549 remain unclear. Therefore, we aimed to investigate whether aqueous OG extract (OGE) affects viability of A549(More)
Increased cell death of cardiomyocyte by oxidative stress is known to cause dysfunction of the heart. O. gratissimum is one of the more well-known medicinal plants among the Ocimum species and widely used in treatment of inflammatory diseases. In this study, we hypothesized that aqueous extract of O. gratissimum leaf (OGE) may protect myocardiac cell H9c2(More)
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