Mu Hee Song

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The use of ontology in order to provide a mechanism to enable machine reasoning has continuously increased during the last few years. This paper suggests an automated method for document classification using an ontology, which expresses terminology information and vocabulary contained in Web documents by way of a hierarchical structure. Ontology-based(More)
Dust storms in northern China strongly affect the living and health of people there and the dusts could travel a full circle of the globe in a short time. Historically, more frequent dust storms occurred during cool periods, particularly the Little Ice Age (LIA), generally attributed to the strengthened Siberian High. However, limited by chronological(More)
Solar dryer with latent heat storage system was designed in order to solve the problems of continuity of solar drying. The system was used to dry grape. The results of experiment show that the dryer met the requirement of continuous drying. At solar radiation of 600Wm-2-900Wm-2 and ambient temperature range of 35-42¡æ, the solar collector(More)
In order to resolve the problems of medlar dehydration and improve the quality of dried fruit, the large scale solar-hot blast stove combined drying plant was designed according to the medlar's characteristics and properties. The structural design, collector and control system design was completed and drying experiment of medlar was conducted. The results(More)
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