Mu-Han Chiou

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Methadone is a widely used substitution therapy for opioid addiction. Large inter-individual variability has been observed in methadone maintenance dosages and P-glycoprotein (P-gp) was considered to be one of the major contributors. To investigate the mechanism of P-gp's interaction with methadone, as well as the effect of genetic variants on the(More)
AIM The present study explored the integrative effect of genes encoding methadone pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic pathways on methadone maintenance doses in Han Chinese Patients. MATERIALS & METHODS Genomic DNA was extracted from 321 opioid-dependent patients and 202 healthy controls, and realtime-PCR and PCR-RFLP were conducted to determine the(More)
AIM The present study aimed to investigate the associations between variants in pharmacokinetic- and pharmacodynamic-related genes with the dosages, concentrations and concentration-dose ratios (CDRs) of phenytoin (PHT). METHODS & RESULTS Eleven genetic polymorphisms in the six candidate genes were detected in 269 epileptic patients under maintenance PHT(More)
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