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A strategic promotion of language use in multilingual South Africa: information and communication
This article presents and discusses strategies for encouraging the use of all official languages in South Africa from a language management perspective. Although the South African language policy hasExpand
A cognitive and corpus-linguistic re-analysis of the acquisition of the Zulu noun class system
Abstract One of the basic tenets of Cognitive Linguistics is that form and meaning are closely related and cannot- and should not- be studied in isolation. The idea that an elaborate formal systemExpand
Work on Spoken (Multimodal) Language Corpora in South Africa
This paper describes past, ongoing and planned work on the collection and transcription of spoken language samples for all the South African official languages and as part of this the training ofExpand
The politics of compromise and language planning: The case of South Africa
Abstract This article discusses the political development of language planning and policy throughout different periods in the history of South Africa. It shows how the colonial experience transformedExpand
Zulu noun classes revisited: A spoken corpus-based approach
The research reported on shows that the semantic heterogeneity of most class genders can be resolved by following a holistic perspective on the Zulu noun classification, which includes a cognitively motivated framework for describing associative relations among the members of a category and socio-cultural rules of interpretation. Expand
Loan words classification in isiZulu: The need for a sociolinguistic approach
Abstract This paper addresses problems of loan words classification in isiZulu. Previous approaches have presented the classification as a neatly organised system, which classifies nouns according toExpand
Work on Spoken (Multimodal) Corpora in South Africa.
The Role of Spoken Language Corpora in the Intellectualisation of Indigenous Languages in South Africa
It is argued that spoken corpora of these indigenous languages of South Africa need to be used as a strategy in their intellectualisation. Expand