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Security is a prime concern for any service that provides big data storage. The data of an individual should remain confidential and should be accessed only by any authenticated person. One of the aspects of security that is considered prior storing data is the anonymity of the service clients. The service that is used for storage should provide practical(More)
In this present day Embedded field most of research focused is on Embedded Linux. Our focus in this paper is Sensor Networking and Automation used for domestic and industrial applications. Using Rassberry Pi 2 developing on python editor & cortex processor presents a design and prototype implementation of new home ill automation system that uses WiFi(More)
To achieve the most energy-efficient operation, this brief presents a circuit design technique for separating the power supply voltage (VDD) of flip-flops (FFs) from that of combinational circuits, called the higher voltage FF (HVFF). Although VDD scaling can reduce the energy, the minimum operating voltage (VDDmin) of FFs prevents the operation at the(More)
A method has been developed for the determination of isoniazid (INH) at microgram level in pharmaceutical preparations based on the oxidation of isoniazid by radiochloramine-B. Interference of vitamin C has been overcome by precipitation as lead ascorbate and that of rifampicin and p-aminosalicylic acid by selective extraction. Amounts as low as 25(More)
Multilevel Inverters are emerging technology playing a vital role in power electronics, Electric drive systems and Power systems etc. Here new multilevel topology is discussed. Cascaded HBridge (CHB) 7 level inverter is designed using Simulink, finally it is simulated and inverter switching signals are controlled using FPGA controller. H-bridges are(More)
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