Ms Mary Anne Armstrong

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Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking have been suggested as possible causes of prostate cancer. We therefore examined this relation in a cohort of 43,432 men who were members of a prepaid health plan in northern California (United States) and who had received a health examination in the period from 1979 through 1985. Detailed information on demographic(More)
TOPIC An 18-month group-therapy experience with women partners of combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PURPOSE To describe the application of group process and feminist theory to the planning and development of a group of women partners of veterans with PTSD. SOURCE The authors' clinical work. CONCLUSIONS Using group(More)
Various treatment modalities have been used with the population of individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. Variations of day treatment programs, including partial day hospitalization and planned admission programs, are examples of alternatives to extended inpatient treatment. A Veterans Affairs Medical Center initiated a Planned Admission(More)
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