Mryka Hall-Beyer

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Standardized principal components analysis (SPCA) is performed on normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) time series of a 10 latitude by 10 longitude area of western Canada including grassland, parkland, and forest ecosystems. When used with input from a single growing season (April–October), early components correspond closely to ecoregional mapping(More)
One feature of climate change is the trends to earlier spring onset in many north temperate areas of the world. The timing of spring flowering and leafing of perennial plants is largely controlled by temperature accumulation; both temperature and phenological records illustrate changes in recent decades. Phenology studies date back over a century, with(More)
Investigations of land-cover change often employ metrics designed to quantify changes in landscape structure through time, using analyses of land cover maps derived from the classification of remote sensing images from two or more time periods. Unfortunately, the validity of these landscape pattern analyses (LPA) can be compromised by the presence of(More)
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