Mrunal V Kesari

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BACKGROUND A hallmark of colorectal carcinomas is their ability to secrete mucus. Aberrant expression of mucins and alterations in their glycosylation are associated with the development and progression of malignant diseases. Therefore, mucins can be used as markers of malignancy. Tumor-associated mucins are also used as immunotargets in the treatment of(More)
Giant soft tissue chondromas (STCs) of the wrist are seldom encountered in clinical practice. Precise diagnosis of benign STC may pose diagnostic difficulties on clinical and radiological findings alone. We encountered a slowly growing soft tissue neoplasm in the radial aspect of the wrist joint of the right hand in a 52-year-old male, masquerading as a(More)
INTRODUCTION Paragangliomas (PGLs) are rare tumours that arise in sympathetic and parasympathetic paraganglia and are derived from neural crest cells. Presence of metastasis is the only absolute criterion for malignancy. There is no single histo-morphological feature indicating malignant potential and multiple parameters have been proposed to prognosticate(More)
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