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Phlegmonous gastritis is an uncommon local or diffuse bacterial infection of the stomach wall. It is an extremely rare disease with a fulminating course and a high mortality rate. A majority of cases are diagnosed only postmortem, and early diagnosis is crucial for survival. This used to be common in the preantibiotic era; a resurgence of cases has occurred(More)
In the present world of information, text classification is a more challenging process due to the larger number of training cases and feature set present in text data. One of the most difficult tasks in the text classification problem is high dimensionality of the feature space. As many real world text classifications are not modeled or too difficult to(More)
— In this paper we have presented a method for fusing 2-D images using wavelet transform under the combine gradient and smoothness criterion. The usefulness of the method had been illustrated using various experimental image pairs such as multi-focus, multi-sensor satellite image and CT and MR images of cross-section of human brain. The result of the(More)
This paper presents a Smart system for visually impaired, that make use of ultrasonic sensor and RF transceiver as assistive devices. Visually impaired individuals find navigation difficult as they struggle everyday in performing actions for bypassing obstacles and hurdles in their path. In order to help blind people navigate safely and quickly this system(More)
—This paper presents an efficient search algorithm for fast block matching motion estimation(ME) for video applications. The algorithm uses two patterns for initial search and refined local search. For initial search, the proposed algorithm uses a square pattern adaptively by selecting the step size based on Maximum Absolute Value of predicted motion(More)
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