Mrs M. C. Azum-Gelade

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The distribution of the U3 small nuclear RNA during the cell cycle of the CHO cell line was studied by in situ hybridization using digoxigenin-labelled oligonucleotide probes. The location of the hybrids by immunofluorescence microscopy and at the ultrastructural level was correlated with the distribution of two nucleolar proteins, nucleolin and(More)
In mammalian cells, the nucleoli disintegrate during mitosis and some nucleolar proteins disperse at the periphery of all chromosomes forming a novel class of chromosomal passenger proteins. The nucleolar components which participate in the formation of this perichromosomal layer have been investigated to elucidate the role of these perichromosomal proteins(More)
occurs, even w h e n doses far super ior to t he LDh0 are adminis tered) , and h igh p o t e n c y as an e n z y m e inducer [4], sugges t t h a t th i s could be of a cascadetype involv ing a series of b iochemica l lesions. W e h a v e therefore inves t iga t ed t he effect on t he e n z y m e e q u i p m e n t of r a t s i n tox ica t ed wi th (I), so as(More)
Das synthe t i sche Auxin 2,4-Dichlorphenoxyessigsgure (2,4-D) wirkt durch Steigerung der NthylenproduktioI1 selektiv herbicid auf brei tbl~t t r ige Pflallzen If]. In tox ika t ionen durch 2,4-D erzeugen bei S~ugetieren Myotonie-~Lhnliche Erscheinungen [2] und erwei tern das t ransversa le tubulEre Sys tem im Myokard ~3]. Zur Kl~rung einer bisher nur ve(More)
The experiments carried out showed the presence- in sympathetic nerve endings ot the carotid sinus- of alpha and beta adrenoceptors which by means of respective negative and positive feedback processes, modulated NA release induced by a sympathetic nerve stimulation. Similarly, Pgs acted by means of a negative feedback mechanism to regulated adrenergic(More)
In the anaesthetized Dog, synthetic substance P in one dose (0.5 mug/kg i.v.) induced a quick hypotensive but short-lasting action and a respiratory analeptic activity which only appeared with some delay and lasted more than one hour. The possibility of a rapid metabolization of synthetic SP is discussed.