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Modern Color Filter Array (CFA) designs avoid overlap of luminance and chrominance spectra as it is widely believed to cause irreversible crosstalk and aliasing. In this paper, we present a simple formulation of the demosaicking problem that disregards spectral overlap - and thus the geometry of the spectra - and instead connects the luminance and(More)
We show that a recently developed universal demosaicker by the present authors greatly outperforms existing demosaickers when tested with a realistic optical pipeline. We present speed and quality optimizations of this demosaicker for the case of regular pattern color filter arrays. We implement and extensively test optimized versions for several common(More)
Genetic diversity was studied among 21 accessions of lentil using SSR markers and morphological traits in order to assess the diversification of Indian gene-pool of lentil through introgression of exotic genes and introduction of germplasm. Among these , 16 genotypes either had ‘Precoz’ gene, an Argentine line in their pedigree or genes from introduced(More)
Chromatic Aberration of lenses is becoming increasingly visible with the rise of sensor resolution, and methods to algorithmically correct it are becoming increasingly common in commercial systems. A popular class of algorithms undo the geometric distortions after demosaicking. Since most demosaickers require high frequency correlation of primary colors to(More)
We present CFA designs that faithfully capture images with specified luminance and chrominance bandwidths. Previous academic research has mostly been concerned with maximizing PSNR of reconstructed images without specific regard to chrominance bandwidth and cross-talk. Commercial systems, on the other hand, pay close attention to both these parameters as(More)
Wireless has been well received ever since the first wireless radio transmission over the Atlantic Ocean by Marconi almost a century ago. Since that time the technology has been harnessed to suit a myriad of applications. The appeal is in the freedom given to the user to be mobile. A relative newcomer, Bluetooth, has made real time audio/video transmission(More)
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