Mritunjay Kumar Rai

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Cognitive Radio (CR) emerging approach which solves issues like spectrum scarcity and underutilization is resolved putting into effect the innovative ideas. FCC has announced a very interesting report in 2002, pointing out that more than 70% of the Radio Spectrums are underutilized at certain times or geographic positions, which proves that spectrum(More)
This paper presents the comparative analysis of various color space models like RGB, HSV and YC<sub>b</sub>C<sub>r</sub> color models for detection and extraction of human skin from it. Skin detection is broadly used in applications like face detection, tracking of the body parts and hand gesture analysis, for retrieval of skin and blocking of unpleasant(More)
--In a mobile ad hoc network (MANET), the topology of the network may change rapidly and unexpectedly due to mobility of nodes. Thus, setting up routes that meet high reliability is a very challenging issue. Another important problem in the MANETs is the energy consumption of nodes. This paper presents experiments on the performance and stability of the(More)
Security in any of the networks became an important issue in this paper we have implemented a security mechanism on Medium Access Control layer by Assured Neighbor based Security Protocol to provide authentication and confidentiality of packets along with High speed transmission for Ad hoc networks. Here we have divided the protocol into two different(More)
Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a self-deliberate data network, where all nodes behave like host or router. MANET is a collection of number of mobile nodes or devices that randomly generate a temporary network. Security is the fundamental requirement in MANET due to its behavior of changing topology, open medium and lack of centralized authentication. This(More)
Mobile ad hoc network is collection of mobility nodes which have no infrastructure. They are communicating with each other without central access point or base station. Nodes are randomly a move in network because of that topology is frequently changed. Due to changed topology link between nodes breaks repeatedly. When the link breaks MANET required route(More)