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Predictors of academic performance among Indian students
There are two dominant strains in the literature on academic performance, the attribution studies and the self-efficacy studies. The present study attempted to incorporate these two strains whileExpand
Resilience in Parents of Children with Intellectual Disabilities
The objective of this study was to understand the experience of parents of children with intellectual difficulties. In the context of a developing country where social services are minimal, the onusExpand
Social determinants of health: The role of neighbourhoods, psychological factors and health behaviours in predicting health outcomes for the urban poor in India
Investigating the role of neighbourhoods, psychological characteristics and health behaviours on actual health outcomes and perceived health for a lower income urban Indian sample supports the importance of combining contextual as well as individual level characteristics in understanding health outcomes. Expand
The case of the middle class: Social determinants of health in Mumbai
An intersectional approach focusing on psychological factors and health behaviors, nested within class and gender, will lead to effective preventive strategies. Expand
Predicting Contraceptive Behavior in India Using Attitude Theories
This study examined the performance of the theory of reasoned action (TRA), the theory of planned behavior (TPB), and the unified theory of behavior (UTB) in predicting contraceptive use behaviorExpand
Public mental health services in Mumbai
The objective of the present study was to evaluate the public mental health services in Mumbai and to identify areas for improvement. Expand
Exploring self through memory: Narratives of Punjabi and Sindhi Partition survivors
The reciprocal association between working self and autobiographical retrieval is illustrated in the self-memory system model. This study attempted to investigate the self-memory system model in theExpand