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Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), as a promising health-care system, can timely monitor human physiological parameters. Due to the limitation of communications, power, storage and computation in WBANs, a cloud assisted WBAN flourishes and provides more reliable, real-time, and intelligent health-care services for patients and mobile users. However , it(More)
In this paper, we propose two attribute-oriented authentication and transmission schemes for secure and privacy-preserving health information sharing in health social networks (HSNs). HSN users are tagged with formalized attributes. The attribute-oriented authentication scheme enables each HSN user to generate an attribute proof for itself, where its(More)
—In this article, we introduce a novel Remote Health Monitoring (RHM) system to enable high-quality pervasive healthcare services to users with low delivery delay and reduced costs. We define the RHM architecture and summarize the design considerations. We then present a promising commercialized solution, ViiCare, with system infrastructures and supporting(More)
In this paper, we propose a delay-tolerant secure long-term health care scheme, RCare, for collecting patient's sensitive personal health information (PHI). Specifically, to minimize the overall health care cost, RCare provides network connectivity to rural areas using conventional transportation vehicles (e.g., cars, buses) as relay nodes. These vehicles(More)
—In this paper, we propose a secure data-forwarding scheme, called SATS, for delay-tolerant wireless networks. SATS uses credits (or micropayment) to stimulate the nodes' cooperation in relaying other nodes' messages and to enforce fairness. SATS also makes use of a trust system to assign a trust value for each node. A node's trust value is high when the(More)
—Security has been recognized as a key issue for the expansion of eHealth application, where highly sensitive patient's medical data are routed through a non-secure wireless network. In this paper, we look into the various security and privacy requirements for the eHealth application and propose an agent-based secure and trustworthy packet-forwarding(More)
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