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  • Aristotle Arapostathis, Vivek S Borkar, Emmanuel Fern´andez-Gaucherand, Mrinal K Ghosh, Steven I Marcus
  • 2001
This work is a survey of the average cost control problem for discrete-time Markov processes. The authors have attempted to put together a comprehensive account of the considerable research on this problem over the past three decades. The exposition ranges from finite to Borel state and action spaces and includes a variety of methodologies to find and(More)
ABSTACT The existence of optimal stable Markov relaxed controls for the ergodic control of multidimensional diffusions is established by direct probabilistic methods based on a characterization of a.s. limit sets of empirical measures. The optimality of the above is established in the strong (i.e., almost sure) sense among all admissible controls under very(More)
The infinite horizon risk-sensitive discounted-cost and ergodic-cost nonzero-sum stochastic games for controlled Markov chains with countably many states are analyzed. For the discounted-cost game, we prove the existence of Nash equilibrium strategies in the class of Markov strategies under fairly general conditions. Under an additional geometric ergodicity(More)
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