Mrinal K. Das

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Three new oribatid mite species of the genus Pergalumna (Galumnidae) are described from growing mosses on rocks near a water stream in India. Pergalumna paraclericata sp. n. is very similar morphologically to Carinogalumna clericata (Berlese, 1914), however, it differs from the latter by the structure of lamellar lines and number of notogastral porose(More)
We briefly outline the two popular approaches on radiative corrections to neutrino masses and mixing angles, and then carry out a detailed numerical analyses for a consistency check between them in MSSM. We find that the two approaches are nearly consistent with a discrepancy of a factor of 13% in mass eigenvalues at low energy scale but the predictions on(More)
Water mites (Hydrachnidia) occur sporadically in the gut of freshwater fishes. In this study, nine water mite items were found in the gut contents of the fish Botia dario (Hamilton, 1822) (Botiidae) collected in a floodplain wetland (beel) in the river island Majuli, Assam, India. Torrenticola episce is described as new to science; Torrenticola haliki Pešić(More)
The reaction of borazines, (-BR-NR'-)3, with pyrazole, Hpz, gives 1l-pyrazolato-U.-amido diboron species of the type R(pz)B(1z-pz)(P~-NHR)BR(pz) * (3) containing a central B2N3 ring system. Four compounds of type 3 with RC2 H5 or C6H5 and 'r m H or CH3 , respectively, were prepared. Identical species can be obtained on interaction of(More)
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