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A C 2 rational quadratic trigonometric spline interpolation has been studied using two kinds of rational quadratic trigonometric splines. It is shown that under some natural conditions the solution of the problem exists and is unique. The necessary and sufficient condition that constrain the interpolant curves to be convex in the interpolating interval or(More)
In the present paper a new method is developed for smooth rational cubic trigonometric interpolation based on values of function which is being interpolated. This rational cubic trigonometric spline is used to constrain the shape of the interpolant such as to force it to be in the given region by selecting suitable parameters. The more important achievement(More)
A weighted rational cubic spline interpolation has been constructed using rational spline with quadratic denominator. GC 1-piecewise rational cubic spline function involving parameters has been constructed which produces a monotonic interpolant to given mono-tonic data. The degree of smoothness of this spline is GC 2 in the interpolating interval when the(More)
The aim of this paper presents an analysis of weighted quadratic trigonometric spline with two shape parameters which interpolate on function value. This interpolating is C 1 continuous with quadratic denominator. Constrain control of this rational quadratic trigonometric spline is derived which force it be bound in the given region. Approximation property(More)
I. Introduction Rational spline is a commonly used spline function. In many cases the rational spline curves better approximating functions than the usual spline functions. It has been observed that many simple shapes including conic section and quadric surfaces can not be represented exactly by piecewise polynomials, whereas rational polynomials can(More)
A quintic trigonometric Bèzier curve with two shape parameters, is presented in this work. The shape of the curve can be adjusted as desired, by simply altering the value of shape parameter, without changing the control polygon. The quintic trigonometric Bèzier curve can be made close to the quintic Bèzier curve or closer to the given control polygon than(More)