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Viral hepatitis and its acute and chronic complications continue to pose significant threats to the readiness of military personnel. Knowledge about the specific viral agents and their routes of transmission are important in developing prevention strategies. A recent analysis of hepatitis in the US Navy for the period 1975-1984 is reviewed. In order to(More)
A non-parametric estimator of the AIDS survival time (after developing AIDS) is computed for the AIDS data set from the US Air Force (USAF). Survival times are unobservable. They are censored by the screening mechanism. The Armstrong Laboratory's Epidemiologic Research Division maintains data on over 954 active duty US Air Force (USAF) individuals who(More)
is an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton. He has over 22 years of experience with the GPS. For the past fifteen years, he has supported the GPSW Test and Verification branch. Previously, he was a member of the B-2 Combined Test Force (CTF) at Edwards AFB. He operated and maintained a Differential GPS (DGPS) reference station and produced DGPS Time Space(More)
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