Mr Brian Roth

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An mAb library was produced against proteins from the germinal vesicle (GV) of the frog Xenopus laevis; mAb 104 was selected from this library on the basis of its immunofluorescent staining of lampbrush chromosome loops. Chromosomes from several species of frogs and salamanders stained equally well. The antibody also stained the surface of numerous small(More)
Bombyx mori silkworms producing fibroin proteins of different lengths have been analyzed genetically and shown to possess variant alleles of a single fibroin gene. The structures of two alleles have been compared by using restriction endonuclease sites inside and outsite the fibroin gene as physical markers. We find that fibroins distinguishable on the(More)
Cover: Veronica Emhart measuring net photosynthesis in a 7-year-old loblolly and slash pine clonal trial. Traditional physiological measurements (such as net photosynthesis rate) are often difficult to replicate in genetics trials, and sometimes are difficult to link to growth rate. This has led to an interest in using alternate, more integrative(More)
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