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We report on a study that involved the development of a corpus used to verify the performance of two tone labelling algorithms, with one algorithm being an improvement on the other. These algorithms were developed for speech synthesis purposes with the aim of improving the perceived naturalness as well as the intelligibility of the speech produced by the(More)
Sepedi (Southern Bantu, S30) does not have grammaticalized focus prosody due to which focused constituents are unambiguously marked by prosodic prominence in one way or another. Nevertheless, prosodic traces of emphasis might still exist. The paper reports on a study that investigates acoustic traces of emphasis in Sepedi and their role for processing. An(More)
This article discusses the empirical assessments employed on two versions of a Sesotho tone labeling algorithm. This algorithm uses linguistically-defined Sesotho tonal rules to predict the tone labels on the syllables of Sesotho words. The two versions differed in the number of tonal rules that they employ as well the lexical categories that the tone rules(More)
This article reports on a study that involves improving a tone label prediction algorithm. Tone is an important prosodic feature for Bantu languages since these languages use it to distinguish meaning. Studies have shown that text-to-speech systems need detailed prosodic models of a language in order to sound natural to native speakers of the language.(More)
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