Moyang Wang

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Amdahl's law provides architects a compelling reason to introduce system asymmetry to optimize for both serial and parallel regions of execution. Asymmetry in a multicore processor can arise statically (e.g., from core microarchitecture) or dynamically (e.g., applying dynamic voltage/frequency scaling). Work stealing is an increasingly popular approach to(More)
Task-based parallel programming frameworks offer compelling productivity and performance benefits for modern chip multi-processors (CMPs). At the same time, CMPs also provide packed-SIMD units to exploit fine-grain data parallelism. Two fundamental challenges make using packed-SIMD units with task-parallel programs particularly difficult: (1) the intra-core(More)
This poster will describe a taped-out 2×2mm 1.3 M-transistor test chip in IBM 130 nm designed using our new Python-based hardware modeling framework. The goal of our tapeout was to demonstrate the ability of this framework to enable Agile hardware design flows.
OBJECTIVES We sought to describe the morphological characteristics of aortic valve disease in a Chinese population presenting for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). BACKGROUND Racial and regional differences are known to exist in aortic stenosis (AS), but limited data exist comparing the specific anatomical variations between populations. (More)
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