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We present and discuss the development of an unconditionally stable algorithm used to solve the evolution equations of the Phase Field Crystal (PFC) model. This algorithm allows for an arbitrarily large algorithmic time step. As the basis for our analysis of the accuracy of this algorithm, we determine an effective time step in Fourier space. We then(More)
—Redundant flux-switching permanent-magnet (R-FSPM) motor is a new fault-tolerant machine having PMs in the stator, offering high efficiency, high reliability, and robust structure. This paper proposes two remedial control strategies for fault-tolerant operations of the R-FSPM motor drive in the single-channel (SC) mode. First, by doubling the(More)
—This paper proposes a new 3-phase flux-switching permanent-magnet (FSPM) motor termed as modular FSPM (M-FSPM) motor, for high reliability applications. Due to PMs in the stator, the proposed motor offers high efficiency, simple and robust rotor structure, and good thermal dissipation conditions. The key is the new motor topology which incorporates the(More)
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