Moutaz S. Saleh

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In order to identify target region amplification polymorphism (TRAP) markers linked to three physiological traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), the segregating F4 population from the cross between drought-sensitive (Yecora Rojo) and drought-tolerant (Pavon 76) genotypes was made. The parents and 150 F4 families were evaluated phenotypically for drought(More)
In spite of the current advance of the use of computers in education in the Arab world, complete suites of solutions for students with special needs are very scarce. This paper presents an assistive system managing learning content for children with intellectual challenges. The system provides educational multimedia contents, inspired from the local(More)
A segregating F4 population from the cross between drought sensitive (Yecora Rojo) and drought tolerant (Pavon 76) genotypes was made to identify molecular markers linked to a wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) abscisic acid (ABA) content at two water regimes. The parents and 150 F4 lines were evaluated phenotypically for drought tolerance using two irrigation(More)
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