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This paper discuss the design of the current educational tutorials and games which are developed for children with intellectual challenges who are resident in the Shafallah center for children with special needs in Doha, Qatar. These edutainment games teach the children using multimedia elements to improve their memorization skills and proactivity. Five(More)
In spite of the current advance of the use of computers in education in the Arab world, complete suites of solutions for students with special needs are very scarce. This paper presents an assistive system managing learning content for children with intellectual challenges. The system provides educational multimedia contents, inspired from the local(More)
Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability (MID) and those with Moderate Learning Disability (MLD) are growing up with extensive exposure to computer technology. Computers and computer-related devices have the potential to help these children in education, career development, and independent living. However, most of the software, games, and web sites(More)
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