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Consequences of oxidative damage and mitochondrial dysfunction on the fatty acid profile of muscle of Indian Major Carps considering metal toxicity.
Current study aims to find interrelation between mitochondrial enzyme function and fatty acid profile in fish muscle and role of antioxidant agents to maintain their balance in response to metalExpand
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"Dicranin" in the Membrane Phospholipids of a Dicranaceae and Pottiaceae Moss Member of the Eastern Himalayan Biodiversity Hotspot.
The phospholipids of two moss samples Oreoweisia laxifolia (Hookf.) Kindb. (family-Dicranaceae Schimp.) and Leptodontium viticulosoides (P. Beauv.) Wijk & Margad (family-Pottiaceae Schimp.) of theExpand
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Ecological Impact on Fatty Acid Composition of Mosses from Two Biodiversity Hotspots of Hungary and India
Mosses, the pioneer member among the terrestrial plants, acquired remarkable adaptive advantages for their habitat transition and thus enjoy a global distribution even under diverse ecologicalExpand