Moustapha Tohfe

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INTRODUCTION Prostate cancer has a high tendency to spread to bone. Pulmonary metastasis and generalized lymphadenopathy commonly develop after pelvic and bone involvement have already occurred. Few patients with prostate cancer present initially with symptomatic metastatic lung lesions and lymphadenopathy without any other concomitant distant(More)
INTRODUCTION Histoplasmosis is a tropical fungal infection sharing many similarities with tuberculosis: the transmission by air dropplets, the usually asymptomatic primary-infection, the disseminated infection encountered among immunosuppressed patients and the granulomatous pathological lesions. In France, histoplasmosis is uncommon and may be misdiagnosed(More)
We report the case of a patient with a severe chronic radiation enteropathy. She had been dependent on red cell transfusions for many years. On admission, she displayed anemia (8.6 g/dL) resulting from both inadequate EPO production and a functional iron deficiency. A 3-wk IV iron sucrose treatment (200 mg once weekly) resulted in an increased reticulocyte(More)
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