Moustapha Kardouchi

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This paper proposes a new descriptor for radiological image retrieval. The proposed approach is based on fuzzy shape contexts, Fourier transforms and Eigenshapes. At first, fuzzy shape context histograms are computed. Then, a 2D FFT is performed on each 2D histogram to achieve rotation invariance. Next, histograms are projected onto a lower dimensionality(More)
Recent works on Content Based Image Retrieval rely on Bag of Visual Words to index images. Analogically to the Bag of Words approach used in text retrieval, this model allows describing an image as a bag of elementary local features called visual words. As a result, an image is represented by a vector of weights, where each weight corresponds to the(More)
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Specular reflections are not wanted in images because they can really reduce the performance of image processing techniques. This is particularly true for medical images and especially for colposcopic images. There are several methods in the literature allowing to extract specular reflections, but only a few methods can perform an automatic extraction. In(More)
Thee fficient face recognitions ystems aret hose which area ble to achieveh igher recognitionr ate with lower computational cost. To develops uch systems bothf eaturerepresentationand classification methodshouldbeaccurate andl ess time consuming.Aiming to satisfyt hese criteria we coupled theH OG descriptor (Histograms of Oriented Gradients) with(More)
This work presents a digital imaging system able to assist physicians to track cervical cancer. The goal is to automatically extract the region where the cervical cancer starts to occur. This region called Acetowite Epithelium Zone (AEZ) is highlighted by physicians using a diluate acetic acid on the surface of the cervix. Recent digital images processing(More)
Efficient face descriptors require a careful equilibration between accuracy and feature dimension. In recent years Histogram of Oriented Gradient (HOG) starts to be used in the face recognition task. However the best recognition rate for HOG requires a high dimensional feature. In this paper, we will incorporate fuzzy concept to HOG aiming to achieve a good(More)
This paper presents a medical imaging system able to assist practitioner to analyze colposcopic images. The goal is to automatically make all images to a common frame. Image registration has been used to ensure pixel correspondence to the same tissue location throughout the whole temporal sequence. Best approaches are based on using local information, but(More)