Moussa Benaissa

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In this paper, we describe our two ontology alignment systems AOT and AOTL respectively. The AOT system uses different terminological matchers with a local filter and the AOTL system consists in combining the different terminological with linguistic matchers. The AOT and AOTL systems are designed for the ontology matching tracks in order to discover new(More)
To examine whether CO poisoning induces a significant increase in plasma lactate concentration. Prospective observational clinical study in the emergency department and intensive care unit in a university-affiliated teaching hospital. 146 pure CO poisonings resulting from dysfunction of gas cookers or water heaters. Patients were classified into four(More)
In acute carbon monoxide intoxication the presence of altered consciousness, ranging from transient loss of consciousness to coma, represents a poor prognostic factor and modifies the approach to therapy. Transient loss of consciousness is, as a rule, contemporaneous to the exposure, generally occurring at the scene of the intoxication. We report an unusual(More)
This paper proposes a constraint programming based approach to handle ontologies consistency, and more precisely user-defined consistencies. In practice, ontologies consistency is not still well handled in the current software environments. This is due to the algorithmic and language limitations of the tools developed to handle the consistency constraints.(More)
Although cyanide poisoning can be serious or fatal, it is typically described as mild when the cyanide is ingested in the form of either mercuric cyanide or mercury oxycyanide. We studied two patients with acute cyanide poisoning following ingestion of one of these two agents in each case. Both patients demonstrated features of life-threatening cyanide(More)