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We have recently shown that growth inhibition of breast cancer cells by progesterone is due to the induction of cell differentiation, but not apoptosis. Because the tumor suppressor protein p53 plays a central role in normal cell growth and in tumor suppression, we have examined the effect of progesterone on the levels of this protein in MCF-7 cells. We(More)
We examined the effect of green tea consumption on glial fibriliary acidic protein (GFAP) expression in spinal cord of streptozotocin (STZ) treated rats. Three groups (n = 10) were used in this study: (i) controls; (ii) STZ-induced diabetic rats given tap water; and (iii) an STZ-induced diabetic group given green tea. Immunohistochemistry showed a(More)
The chemopreventive activity of resveratrol (RSVL) has been demonstrated in several types of cancer. However, its effects and the underling mechanisms remain poorly understood. In this study, we investigated the involvement of the mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK)/p53 signal transduction mechanism in RSVL-induced growth inhibition using a human(More)
Resveratrol (RSVL) is a well-established chemopreventive agent in human breast cancer models. The molecular basis of its action is far less characterized. We investigated the effects of RSVL on activity of adenylate- and guanylate-cyclase (AC, GC) enzymes; two known cytostatic cascades in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. RSVL increased cAMP levels in both time-(More)
The cDNAs for variant estrogen receptor (ER) mRNAs previously identified in human breast cancer biopsy samples have been cloned and characterized. Some of these cDNAs are unique to a tumor sample (e.g. clones 24 and 5), while others are present in multiple breast tumor samples (e.g. clone 4). The 5' ends of the variant cDNAs are essentially identical to(More)
The MDM2 proto-oncogene is overexpressed in human tumours and regulates the activities of the tumour suppressors p53 and pRB. We created mice that overexpress MDM2 under the control of the CMV promoter. These mice did not display an increased tumour incidence, but rather a specific skin phenotype, characterized by desquamation and hyperkeratosis. Transgenic(More)
BACKGROUND Resveratrol (RSVL), a nontoxic natural compound found in a wide variety of plants with known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is emerging as a potent chemopreventive and anticancer drug. Recently, we demonstrated that RSVL-induced apoptosis in several human cancer cell lines was associated with cleavage of the proapoptotic 116 kDa(More)
The association between polymorphisms in the p53 tumor suppressor gene and breast cancer risk has been studied in many human populations with conflicting conclusions. However, similar studies in Arab women are not available, and the status of these polymorphisms in this ethnic population is not known. We investigated the status of four known p53 gene(More)
In human coronary smooth muscle cells (HCSMC), treatment with the vascular mitogen; endothelin-1 (ET-1), induced cell proliferation and stimulated ERK-1/2 phosphorylation at active sites. Pretreatment with the MEK-ERK inhibitor (PD98059) appreciably reversed the mitogenic effects of ET-1. On the other hand, pretreatment with the polyphenolic stilbene(More)
Chromosomal anomalies may be a reason for both male and female infertility. The aim of this study was to investigate the contribution of chromosomal abnormalities in sterile couples from Kuwait. A total of 118 patients with clinical diagnosis of infertility was analyzed using cytogenetic banding techniques. Common chromosomal abnormalities were detected in(More)