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Since the birth of the automated karyotyping systems by the aid of computers, building a fully automated chromosome analysis system has been an ultimate goal. Along with many other challenges, automating chromosome classification and segmentation has been a major challenge especially due to overlapping and touching chromosomes. The earlier reported methods(More)
Since the introduction of the automated karyotyping systems, segmentation and classification of touching and overlapping chromosomes in the metaphase images are major challenges. The earlier reported techniques for disentangling the chromosome overlaps have limited success and use only color information in case of multispectral imaging. Most of them are(More)
The role of the compression is to reduce bandwidth requirements for transmission & memory requirements for storage of all forms of data as it would not be practical to put images, audio, video alone on websites without compression. The medical community has many applications in image compression often involving various types of diagnostic imaging. The use(More)
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