Moureen Ahmed

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The role of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) in medical applications is rapidly developing. Advances in nanotechnology are bringing us closer to the development of dual and multifunctional nanoparticles that are challenging the traditional distinction between diagnostic and treatment agents. The current use of MNPs in breast cancer falls into four main groups:(More)
Now a days, skin diseases are mostly found in animals, humans and plants. A skin disease is a particular kind of illness caused by bacteria or an infection. These diseases like alopecia, ringworm, yeast infection, brown spot, allergies, eczema etc. have various dangerous effects on the skin and keep on spreading over time. It becomes important to identify(More)
Over the past decades, the demand for digital information has increased dramatically. Even in food industry, consumers are using the digital information to better inform themselves. As a result they have started expecting lesion free, good quality fruits, vegetables and other items at lower cost. In food industry external quality of fruits play an important(More)
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