Mourad Zghal

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This paper presents an architecture for an all optical switching node. The architecture is suitable for optical packet and optical burst switching and provides appropriate contention resolution schemes and QoS guarantees. A concept, called virtual memory, is developed to allow controllable and reasonable periods for delaying optical traffics. Related to its(More)
We describe an experiment in which a train of femtosecond pulses is coupled into a photonic crystal fiber (PCF) by means of an offset pumping technique that can selectively excite either the mode LP(01) or LP(11) or LP(21). The PCF presents a wide range of wavelengths in which the fundamental mode experiences normal dispersion, whereas LP(11) and LP(21)(More)
We use dispersive Fourier transformation to measure shot-to-shot spectral instabilities in femtosecond supercontinuum generation. We study both the onset phase of supercontinuum generation with distinct dispersive wave generation, as well as a highly-unstable supercontinuum regime spanning an octave in bandwidth. Wavelength correlation maps allow(More)
We propose a simple method for the detection of Bessel beams with arbitrary radial and azimuthal indices, and then demonstrate it in an all-digital setup with a spatial light modulator. We confirm that the fidelity of the detection method is very high, with modal cross-talk below 5%, even for high orbital angular momentum carrying fields with long(More)
Mode division multiplexing (MDM) is mooted as a technology to address future bandwidth issues, and has been successfully demonstrated in free space using spatial modes with orbital angular momentum (OAM). To further increase the data transmission rate, more degrees of freedom are required to form a densely packed mode space. Here we move beyond OAM and(More)
Careful numerical computations show that very slight geometrical imperfections of the cross section of actual large air fraction holey fibres (d/>0.6) may induce surprisingly high birefringence, corresponding to beat lengths as short as few millimetres. The spectral variations of this birefringence obeys laws similar to those of elliptical core Hi-Bi holey(More)
We present a numerical study of stimulated Brillouin scattering in optical fibers based on a full modal analysis of the acoustic and optical properties. The computation of each acoustic mode supported by the fiber structure allows us a deep and detailed investigation of the characteristics of the Brillouin gain spectrum. We focus our attention on optical(More)
To provide contention resolution and QoS management while allowing controllable delaying of optical traffics, we effectively designed a node architecture suitable for optical packet and burst switching. The proposed architecture is based on a set of novel traffic engineering protocols providing QoS guarantees and allowing burst transmission, admission(More)
We design As2Se3 and As2S3 chalcogenide photonic nanowires to optimize the soliton self-compression with short distances and ultralow input pulse energy. We numerically demonstrate the generation of single optical cycle in an As2S3 photonic nanowire: a 5.07 fs compressed pulse is obtained starting from 250 fs input pulse with 50 pJ in 0.84 mm-long As2S3(More)