Mourad Mordjaoui

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Electric load forecasting is a real-life problem in industry. Electricity supplier's use forecasting models to predict the load demand of their customers to increase/decrease the power generated and to minimize the operating costs of producing electricity. In addition to the conventional classical models, several models based on artificial intelligence have(More)
Electric load forecasting is one of the most important areas in electrical engineering, due to its main role for economic and reliable operation in power systems. In particular, accurate medium and long-term forecasts have significant effect on grid expansion planning and future generating capacity scheduling. This paper uses the Algerian electricity demand(More)
In determining the electromagnetic properties of magnetic materials, hysteresis modeling is of high importance. Many models are available to investigate those characteristics but they tend to be complex and difficult to implement. A new qualitative hysteresis model for ferromagnetic core presented, based on the function approximation capabilities of(More)
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