Mourad Kara

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This paper demonstrates the utility of typed shared data abstractions as an effective high-level means of structuring and coordinating parallel programs. Access to data shared by concurrent processes is expressed through operations of shared abstract data types (SADTs). SADTs abstract low-level concerns of communication and synchronization. The exposition(More)
Distributed-controlled dynamic load balancing algorithms are known to have several advantages over centralised algorithms such as scalability, and fault tolerance. Distributed implies that the control is decentralised and that a copy of the algorithm (called a scheduler) is replicated on each host of the network. However, distributed control also(More)
˝ Abstract ˝ We overview in this paper the enhancement of TCP's congestion control mechanisms using Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) over ATM networks. Congestion is indicated by not only packet losses as is currently the case but an agent implemented at the network's edge as well. The agent bridges the gap between the ATM layer and the TCP layer in(More)
In this paper we analyse congestion in TCP over ATM-UBR, in particular the association between the congestion measures at the ATM physical and TCP transport layers. In addition to the commonly used metrics, cell loss ratio (CLR) and packet retransmission ratio (PRR) two new indicators, protocol level congestion association factor (PLCAF) and CLR-PRR(More)