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—Classification algorithms based on single-pixel analysis often do not give the desired result when applied to high-spatial-resolution remote-sensing data. In such cases, classification algorithms based on object-oriented image segmentation are needed. There are many segmentation algorithms in the literature, but few have been applied in urban studies to(More)
In this paper we propose a new Wide band Multicarrier (W-MC) Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) scheme that delivers a great immunity against multiuser interference (MUI) caused by interferers in the system and from which the classical MC-CDMA suffers considerably. For the synchronous-case, the results show that the new system performance was comparable(More)
In this paper we have analyzed multiple user interference based Standard Gaussian Approximation (SGA) model and packets collision (PC) model in IR-UWB wireless communication system. The paper also compares the system performance between the models based Gaussian pulse UWB and model based Hermit pulse UWB. Here we have considered the TH-PAM and TH-PPM based(More)
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