Mourad Benamara

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Monodisperse gold nanocrystals with unique near-infrared optical properties were synthesized by simple mixing of highly shortened and well disperse single-walled carbon nanotubes and chloroauric acid in water at ambient conditions with a step-wise increase of gold ion concentration.
High levels of nanodiamonds (nds) have been used to support the transformative hypothesis that an extraterrestrial (ET) event (comet explosion) triggered Younger Dryas changes in temperature, flora and fauna assemblages, and human adaptations [Firestone RB, et al. (2007) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104(41):16016-16021]. We evaluate this hypothesis by(More)
In this work, the nanoscale footprints of self-driven liquid gallium droplet movement on a GaAs (001) surface will be presented and analyzed. The nanoscale footprints of a primary droplet trail and ordered secondary droplets along primary droplet trails are observed on the GaAs surface. A well ordered nanoterrace from the trail is left behind by a running(More)
We compare InAlAs/GaAs and InGaAs/GaAs strained-layer superlattices (SLSs) as dislocation filter layers for 1.3-μm InAs/GaAs quantum-dot laser structures directly grown on Si substrates. InAlAs/GaAs SLSs are found to be more effective than InGaAs/GaAs SLSs in blocking the propagation of threading dislocations generated at the interface between the GaAs(More)
Metallic-phase MoS2 (M-MoS2) is metastable and does not exist in nature. Pure and stable M-MoS2 has not been previously prepared by chemical synthesis, to the best of our knowledge. Here we report a hydrothermal process for synthesizing stable two-dimensional M-MoS2 nanosheets in water. The metal-metal Raman stretching mode at 146 cm(-1) in the M-MoS2(More)
MoS2 is a promising electrode material for energy storage. However, the intrinsic multilayer pure metallic MoS2 (M-MoS2) has not been investigated for use in supercapacitors. Here, an ultrafast rate supercapacitor with extraordinary capacitance using a multilayer M-MoS2-H2O system is first investigated. Intrinsic M-MoS2 with a monolayer of water molecules(More)
BACKGROUND Nicolau's livedoid dermatitis is associated with drug-induced embolism in the cutaneous arterial bed, generally as a result of accidental intra-arterial injection. Herein, we report a case that is somewhat surprising because of its late onset following mesotherapy injections. CASE REPORT A 53-year-old man, with a history solely of tendinopathy(More)
Common bile duct stenosis associated with pancreatitis and hypereosinophilia is described in two children. Ultrasonography and CT showed slight increase in the size of the pancreas and bile duct dilatation. Percutaneous cholangiography (PTC) demonstrated extrinsic stenosis of the bile duct at the level of the pancreas. Spontaneous resolution of the clinical(More)
We report on AlxGa1-xN heterostructures resulting from the coherent growth of a positive then a negative gradient of the Al concentration on a [0001]-oriented GaN substrate. These polarization-doped p-n junction structures were characterized at the nanoscale by a combination of averaging as well as depth-resolved experimental techniques including:(More)
Self-running droplets by thermal evaporation GaAs (001) surface are studied and analyzed using a scanning electron microscope. The sample is prepared under high-temperature annealing in an ultrahigh vacuum molecular beam epitaxy system. Particularly, secondary droplets which formed along primary droplet running trails are investigated. The secondary(More)