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This paper focuses on clustering methods for content-based image retrieval CBIR. Hierarchical clustering methods are a way to investigate grouping in data, simultaneously over a variety of scales, by creating a cluster tree. Traditionally, these methods group the objects into a binary hierarchical cluster tree. Our main contribution is the proposal of a new(More)
Quadriplegic people are unable to use mobile devices without the aid of other persons which can be devastating for them both socially and economically. This has motivated many researchers to propose hardware and software solutions that operate as intermediates between the impaired users and their devices: accessibility switches, joysticks and head(More)
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has been one of the most important research areas in computer vision. It is a widely used method for searching images in huge databases. In this paper we present a CBIR system called NOHIS-Search. The system is based on the indexing technique NOHIS-tree. The two phases of the system are described and the performance of(More)
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