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UNLABELLED Previous work in our laboratory demonstrated that over-expression of human insulin-like growth factor -1 (hIGF-1) in the placenta corrects fetal weight deficits in mouse, rat, and rabbit models of intrauterine growth restriction without changes in placental weight. The underlying mechanisms of this effect have not been elucidated. To investigate(More)
BACKGROUND Lung disease including airway infection and inflammation currently causes the majority of morbidities and mortalities associated with cystic fibrosis (CF), making the airway epithelium and the submucosal glands (SMG) novel target cells for gene therapy in CF. These target cells are relatively inaccessible to postnatal gene transfer limiting the(More)
Objective This study aims to determine if shoulder dystocia is associated with a difference in the fetal abdominal (AC) to head circumference (HC) of 50 mm or more noted on antenatal ultrasound. Study Design A multicenter matched case-control study was performed comparing women who had shoulder dystocia to controls who did not. Women with vaginal births of(More)
In this retrospective cohort study, we aimed to determine the incidence of intraoperative maternal hypotension during fetoscopic surgery for twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and to evaluate the impact of intraoperative hypotension on fetal survival. A total of 328 TTTS patients with recipient twin cardiomyopathy who underwent fetoscopic surgery under(More)
OBJECTIVES The most advantageous treatment for pelvic endometriosis that is not extensive has long been the subject of debate. In recent years, the ability to detect atypical presentations has allowed the gynecological surgeon to treat this entity more readily. The treatment in the past has been concerned with the singular treatment being applied at the(More)
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