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Using geometric engineering method of 4D N = 2 quiver gauge theories and results on the classification of Kac-Moody (KM) algebras, we show on explicit examples that there exist three sectors of N = 2 infrared CFT4s. Since the geometric engineering of these CFT4s involve type II strings on K3 fibered CY3 singularities, we conjecture the existence of three(More)
Using Katz, Klemm and Vafa geometric engineering method of N = 2 supersymmetric QFT4s and results on the classification of generalized Cartan matrices of Kac-Moody (KM) algebras, we study the un-explored class of N = 2 CFT4s based on indefinite singularities. We show that the vanishing condition for the general expression of holomorphic beta function of N =(More)
The aim of this research project was to study gender identification in male transsexuals compared to male and female controls, using the Rorschach test and the MMPI. In the international literature, many researches have shown that the nature of the human response on Rorschach card III is linked to gender identification, as is the MMPI Mf scale. Ten(More)