Mounir Haddou

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A class of smoothing methods is proposed for solving mathematical programs with equimibrium constraints. We introduce new and very simple regularizations of the complementarity constraints. Some estimate distance to optimal solution and expansions of the optimal value function are presented. Limited numerical experiments using SNOPT algorithm are presented(More)
The aim of this research project was to study gender identification in male transsexuals compared to male and female controls, using the Rorschach test and the MMPI. In the international literature, many researches have shown that the nature of the human response on Rorschach card III is linked to gender identification, as is the MMPI Mf scale. Ten(More)
  • M Bergounioux, M Haddou, M Hinterm Uller, K Kunisch
  • 1998
In this note we focus on a comparison of two eecient methods to solve quadratic constrained optimal control problems governed by elliptic partial-diierential equations. One of them is based on a generalized Moreau-Yosida formulation of the constrained optimal control problem which results in an active set strategy involving primal and dual variables. The(More)
In this paper, we present a new smoothing approach to solve general nonlinear complementarity problems. Under the P 0 condition on the original problems, we prove some existence and convergence results. We also present an error estimate under a new and general monotonicity condition. The numerical tests confirm the efficiency of our proposed methods.