Mounir Bennoune

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In this paper we develop a numerical method to solve Boltzmann like equations of kinetic theory which is able to capture the compressible Navier-Stokes dynamics at small Knudsen numbers. Our approach is based on the micro/macro decomposition technique, which applies to general collision operators. This decomposition is performed in all the phase space and(More)
In this paper we propose a numerical scheme to solve the Kac model of the Boltzmann equation for multiscale rarefied gas dynamics. This scheme is uniformly stable with respect to the Knudsen number, consistent with the fluid-diffusion limit for small Knudsen numbers, and with the Kac equation in the kinetic regime. Our approach is based on the micro-macro(More)
The requirements in flow and band-width does not cease growing and the monomode optical fibre used currently in the systems of telecommunications starts particularly to show many limitations for the very big flows (>40Gb/s) in spite of the extraordinary performances of which it made proof in the past. The photonic crystal fibers are considered as a key(More)
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