Mounibé Diarra

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Diabetes is the most common metabolic disorder worldwide and is a major public health problem. Its frequency increases every day in all countries. However, in developing African countries, few people have access to drugs. In addition, in Africa, traditional beliefs induce people to use medicinal plants whenever they have health problems. Thus, many people(More)
A shea butter ointment containing 3% aureomycin (clortetracyclin hydrocloride) was prepared and some of its macroscopic and microscopic characteristics were evaluated. Then, the release of the active ingredient was compared by UV spectrophotometry with those obtained when excipients such as petroleum jelly and lanoline were used. Results had shown that the(More)
A method is described in which a small and well-defined area on the face of a crystal is illuminated by a focused laser beam and the light emitted from adjoining areas is spatially analyzed. Our experimental studies, done on nitrogen-doped III-V semiconductors, show that spatial distribution of a Raman spectral line properly monitors the illumination spot(More)
Cervix cancer remains a public health problem in developing countries. These results are an assessment for multicentric study based on visual inspection of the cervix after application of acetiq acid (VIA) and lugol's iodine (VILI). The aim of this study is to determine the feasibility and the impact of this screening in the community health centres "CSCOM"(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate knowledge and attitudes of general practitioners of the private sector, in Dakar, concerning prescription of benzodiazepines, in order to make, possibly, recommendations for their rational use. METHOD A survey was done in 2005 with a representative sample of 55 medical doctors. Medical doctors filled(More)
We discuss impurity- and phonon-limited electron mobilities in (110)-oriented silicon nanowires. We show that (1) boron acceptors behave as tunnel barriers for the electrons, while phosphorous donors behave as quantum wells giving rise to Fano resonances in the transmission; (2) As a consequence, the room-temperature mobility is typically much larger in(More)
PURPOSE Diabetes Type I is a chronic disease requiring insulin repeated injections by parenteral during a lifetime. This method of administration as well as traumatic can be a problem for adherence of patients to treatment. In order to overcome these difficulties, we considered the development of therapeutic transdermal drug delivery (TTDD) of insulin. (More)
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