Mounia Fredj

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Nowadays, variability management has been introduced in the field of business process modeling by means of the configurable process models solution, with a view to resolving problems of redundancy and design time errors. Nevertheless, the existing approaches of variability modeling lack of semantic representation, and consequently, present many limits(More)
Pattern systems are becoming more and more numerous. They offer product patterns or process patterns of varied range and cover (analysis, design or implementation patterns, and general, domain or enterprise patterns). New application development environments have been developed together with these pattern-oriented approaches. These tools address two kinds(More)
If a modeling task is distributed, it will frequently be necessary to integrate models developed by different team members. Problems occur in the models integration step and particularly, in the comparison phase of the integration. This issue had been discussed in several domains and various models. However, previous approaches have not correctly handled(More)
Today, there are Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS) with a set of business process models which vary over time to meet the new requirements. In a competitive environment, the key challenge of enterprises is to reduce the cost and time of process design and application development. For this purpose, research on reuse in business process management have(More)
The current components' retrieval tools offer few services to facilitate a relevant search of these components. They are intended for experts having already a good knowledge of the components' catalogs. However, they are still limited for inexperienced users. In this context, the present contribution aims at analysing and comparing some existing retrieval(More)
Variability is defined as the ability of a software artefact to be changed or customised to be used in multiple contexts. This paper outlines variability issues through reusable component development, and in particular, in Business Component (BC) development. The main ideas of this work are (a) to address variability issues through BC development, (b) to(More)