Mounia Belmamoune

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The Gene Expression Management System (GEMS) is a database system for patterns of gene expression. These patterns result from systematic whole-mount fluorescent in situ hybridization studies on zebrafish embryos. GEMS is an integrative platform that addresses one of the important challenges of developmental biology: how to integrate genetic data that(More)
Integration of information is quintessential to make use of the wealth of bioinformatics resources. One aspect of integration is to make databases interoperable through well annotated information. With new databases one strives to store complementary information and such results in collections of heterogeneous information systems. Concepts in these(More)
Mining patterns of gene expression provides a crucial approach in discovering knowledge such as finding genetic networks that underpin the embryonic development. Analysis of mining results and evaluation of their relevance in the domain remains a major concern. In this paper we describe our explorative studies in support of solutions to facilitate the(More)
Acknowledgements This Thesis represents a significant amount of work. It could not have been successfully completed without the help of many people. I would sincerely like to thank: Prof. Dr. Paul Klint for inspiring me with many ideas and information about my master project. Sousa Jossai for his great help and his generous suggestions. My Family for being(More)
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